Harness the power of your smart meter data

Monitor your home’s energy use and carbon impact with our convenient, independent smart meter platform. Access your energy data directly with no need to be tied to an in-home display, or to be limited to the numbers your energy supplier permits you to see.

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Break free from your display

The smart meter In Home Displays from UK energy suppliers usually show a very limited amount of data from the past few days. Our service provides you with all the data at your fingertips for as long as you want to keep it.

Flexible and open

Download your half-hourly smart meter gas and electricity records, including historic data for the past year. Analyse and use the data however you wish - for example, to evaluate the impact of new or prospective technologies such as heat pumps, EVs and batteries.

Not-for-profit and transparent

We will never sell your data or share it with other organisations without your express permission. Your data will be kept securely and only used to improve energy savings when it is anonymised and aggregated with others. You are free to opt-out and delete your data at any time.

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I am always looking for tools that help reduce the carbon impacts of our homes and communities. The PowerShaper Monitor service helps me track and analyze my energy use over months and years as I look for ways to reduce my demand, and evaluate how effective the changes I’ve made have been.


£12 per meter per year

Unlimited use of your data dashboard

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